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7. Cemeteries

Auberive's cemeteries are located to the west. The communal cemetery was moved in 1883 since it was previously around the Saint-Anne chapel. Intended exclusively for the inhabitants of the commune, the inhabitants categorically refused to bury the prisoners of the central house with their dead. A mass grave was dug a few meters higher, where the cross stands, to bury those who did not survive. The town plans to rehabilitate this cemetery to pay homage to them. Another mass grave is located on the property of the abbey, not accessible to the public. Here lie about sixty young people (between 7 and 16 years old) who did not survive the harsh treatment inflicted by the penal colony of Auberive (from 1885 to 1891 for juvenile delinquents and from 1894 to 1924 for the agricultural colony of young boys).

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