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1. The town hall

The current town hall was the private home of the Ronot family, one of the oldest in Auberive. The family donated this house to be used as the town hall, settling in La Theurelle at the end of the 19th century. The Municipality of Auberive decided to add its school to it by giving credit. It was then that the widow Naudet, heiress of Auberive Castle, donated the value of the credit to the Municipality to build the school. In addition, she ceded part of her private garden to enlarge the playground. In gratitude, the Municipality offered part of the municipal land to the chatelaine. This donation is attributed to her late husband, who in reality never took part in the establishment of the school. 

maison Ronot et Arron (31-03-1906).jpg

Ronot House (1906),

coll. private

mairie 1909 -11.jpg

Construction of the school (1909),

coll. private

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