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8. Gate by Jean Lamour

At the end of the Revolution of 1789, Auberive Abbey was bought as national property by Denis Diderot's son-in-law: the captain of industry Nicolas-Abel-François Caroillon de Vandeuil. Married to Angélique Diderot, daughter of the philosopher of Langre origin, Caroillon de Vandeuil transformed the austere abbey into a comfortable residence, created a vast pleasure park on the banks of the Aube, and set up magnificent carved gates in front of the monumental entrance to the abbey, attributed to the workshop of Nancy's Jean Lamour (creator of the gates at Place Stanislas), for the choir of the abbey of Hortes (52), which Caroillon de Vandeuil put back here, surmounted by his initials . The gates have been classified as historical monuments since August 20, 1903, and the entire portal with its arched walls in return has been classified as a historic monument since October 16, 1956. All of the gates were restored in spring 2020.

grille d'honneur © abbaye d'Auberive.jpg
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