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13. Le palais abbatial

The Abbey Palace was built under the administration of Louis de Rye (1520-1550), bishop of Geneva, 33rd abbot and first commendatory abbot of Auberive. It marks a profound change which took place in 1520 in the administration of the abbeys: the abbots were henceforth appointed by the King. This is what is called the Commende (concordat of 1520).

The beautiful facade, with mullioned windows, presents on the right a corner turret with a fire-mouth recalling the passage of the German Reisters in 1567 and 1587 in this place. The large windows were opened in the 18th century.

palais abbatiale.JPG

Deserted until after the Revolution of 1789, the abbey palace hosted under the Empire the town hall of Auberive, the gendarmerie, the Revision Council and the village hall. Abandoned again, this remarkable building has been tastefully rehabilitated since 1974 and is today an inn and restaurant. We can guess to the left of the courtyard the old sheds and stables of the commendatory abbots, and opposite the abbey, the two houses of the general guard and the forest brigadier, built after the Revolution by Nicolas Caroillon de Vandeuil, purchaser of the abbey. The high house was built around the tower which is still visible. It was the place of contemplation of the abbot of the Abbey. During the extension around the tower, the work uncovered the tombs of monks, buried only in a shroud.

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