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11. The castle

We can see on the right, along the canal, a small wash house. To the left, we can see a low house from the end of the 18th century built by the last commissioning abbot of Auberive as an auditorium to place delinquents, then later as a school for the children of the sharecroppers of the abbey, and then later as a storage building for the goods of the abbey managed by the abbot. The Auberive castle right in front was built in the style of the 18th century by Camille MOINE, former master of forges in Auberive. This vast house and its outbuildings are visible going up the coast. We can distinguish the park of this large bourgeois house, a vestige of an authentic English garden with a 19th century orangery. 

chateau 01.jpg
chateau 02.jpg

Derrière du château, début XXème,

Coll. privée

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