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5. La Theurelle

Leaning against the barrier, we see on the right a large bourgeois building, almost square, built on the rock at the confluence of the Val Clavin and Aube streams (which can be seen below at the end of the orchard). It is the oldest farm in the town, the foundations of which seem to date from the 13th century. It was sold after the Revolution of 1789 to individuals who transformed it into a bourgeois house with a layout of the barn and the outbuildings used as housing, a courtyard enclosed by two large iron cart doors, and the housing by an elegant ornate metal door. The road we are on is located on the dam of the old "Etang de la Scie", which once moved the old Abbey sharecroppers' mill, a small house on the side. The pond was poorly maintained, it became silted up to three quarters of its height and was converted into a garden around 1870. Below the mill, a barrel factory was built in the 20th century and operated until the 1960s. 

travaux 08.jpg

Renovation of the old dam at the beginning of the 20th century,

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© Jean-François Feutriez
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