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12. Abbey Square

After having taken the Entre-Deux-Murs promenade, built in the 16th century to access the abbey district, we have arrived at the place de l'Abbaye. Through the railings, the cloister buildings, completely rebuilt in the 18th century, are listed in the inventory of historical monuments of October 3, 1929. Near this symbolic center of the abbey, a building on the right, with a large arcade Romanesque, constitutes the choir of the abbey church. Dating from the 12th century, it is the only vestige of this church consecrated in 1158 by Pierre de Tarentaise, whose nave originally closed the cloister. This abbey was razed in 1760 and rebuilt perpendicular to the baroque church facing north / south. It occupied the entire length of the square in front of the gate before being demolished in 1828 by the forge master Bordet. To the right of the gate (abbey palace side) were formerly the abbot's sheds, with blind facades. They were converted into accommodations during the 19th century. Opposite, the other sheds and barns have undergone the same transformation, before becoming the chaplain of the central house (or prison) for half on the courtyard, and the prison infirmary at the back.

abbaye 25 - Copie.jpg

The entrance to the abbey, at the time of the colony for young boys,

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