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9. Promenade Entre-Deux-Eaux

This "Promenade d'Entre-deux-eaux", a classified site by decree of October 11, 1963, was once sung about by the local poet-literator André THEURIET of the Académie Française: "The sun, already oblique, lengthened the shadows lime trees on the Entre-deux-eaux promenade and a golden shiver ran over the surface of the jumping river "(" Sauvageonne "). The wash house is located on the Deuvalion canal, at the edge of the promenade between the two waters, it consists of a washing basin where the washerwomen knelt to wash their laundry. It seems that it dates from the 18th century and was used until the early 1960s. This pleasant walk in the shade of lime trees, runs between the Aube river, on the left, and its vas deferens, on the right. 

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© Benjamin Thierry
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