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2. The Street of Sharecroppers

The Street of the Sharecroppers is its old name; it is now called the Street of the Boys' School. As its previous name suggests, the street was home to farmers, peasants, and artisans. You will find, on the left side of the street at the end, the remains of an old 18th century forge. The town had forges, a shoe factory, and an oil mill - these are the oldest houses in Auberive. The large stones bear witness to their experience and above all to their quality of construction. The right side of the street was built in the middle of the 19th century. The second house served as a school for the boys before being moved along with the girls' school to the current school buildings.

atelier Febvre (1912) 1.jpg

Forge Febvre,

Coll. privée

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